Harlow is actually a high school teacher by day and writer at night.   She fell in love with romance novels in 2018 and wrote and self-published her first book in May of 2019.  Since then she's written eight books and published five.  

She's amazed by the response of the romance community to her stories and wishes she could type faster in order to tell all of the story ideas she has tucked away.

When she's not writing, she can be found working her day job, reading every romance novel she can find time for, laughing with her husband and kids, watching re-runs of FRIENDS, and spending time cooking for her friends and family while drinking White Claws and Margaritas.


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I absolutely devoured this book, Tangled. My god, what a roller coaster of emotions with a plot twist I just did not see coming. The story of Kane and Olivia is absolutely magical and gives new meaning to the word swoon. Harlow James has definitely done it again with the phenomenal, sexy, sweet and witty read. Her writing style never fails to mesmerize me and these characters have captured my heart ❤.
If I could have given more than 5⭐ I would have easily.

Fun Under the Pages
Harlow not only brings us an emotional, fun and super sexy hot read in Enticed, she also shows us through Clara about the importance of seeking help when you cannot confront your demons by yourself. I really loved Clara and Cooper. And I can't finish this review without mentioning my favorite supporting character, Penny. She killed me. In a good way. I wasn't expecting a character like her, which added more laughter and fun. 

Jessie's Book Blog
I felt all kinds of emotions throughout this book, Captivated. Shock, love, sadness, FRUSTRATION (you’ll understand why this is in all caps when you read the book & yes, it’s totally worth it), & happiness. 
That’s what makes a book great. When you feel everything the characters go through, like you’re right there with them. 

I love the risk that Harlow took with this book. Adding a suspenseful twist to the story really hooks you from the very beginning. 
She never leaves anything left unanswered. Her attention to detail with every character, emotion & setting is outstanding! 

Briana Cooper


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